Racial Equity Resources 

The Raikes Foundation is committed to creating a more just and equitable world. Within our organization, we are working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, and in our strategies we seek to break down barriers to equity so that all young people can thrive.

The resources below have helped to guide our equity work, both as individuals and as a team. We offer these resources, articles, and videos as a starting point to anyone who is interested in racial equity work with the hope that learning leads to bold action.


Getting Started

Start with these resources if you’re just beginning your racial equity journey. The articles and videos below provide an overview of racial discrimination in the United States and guidance on how to enter conversations about race.


Racial Equity Resources for Foundations and Nonprofits

If you lead or work for a nonprofit organization or foundation, these resources offer guidance on implementing diversity, equity and inclusion programs internally and revamping your strategies to address racial oppression.  


Racial Equity Resources for Businesses

If you lead or work for a company of any size, these resources offer guidance on connecting racial equity and justice to your company’s work and internal operations.  


Long Reads and Books

If you’re looking to dive deep into your learning, the resources below provide extensive information on a variety of topics related to racial justice.


Personal Growth And Action

Research On Racial Discrimination



Please visit Racial Equity Tools for an extensive library of racial equity tools for both individuals and organizations. This list would not have been possible with Racial Equity Tools’ thoughtful cataloging of resources.